Roman Run 2020

Seminarians, deacons, and priests studying in Rome want to help those in need. With your help, they can.

The 5th annual Roman Run fundraiser will be held this year on May 22nd. Please consider contributing to the cause as these men run the distance of Italy, coast to coast, in their native USA.

This event began with the recognition by American priests and seminarians of their enjoyment for running. They saw that their time of fraternity, prayer, and exercise together could become a benefit for others in need. They realized that through a running event, they could raise awareness and gather the prayers and financial gifts of benefactors to support something else which they were passionate about, the Church in need.

This year, we have chosen to dedicate this fundraiser to support Christians in Sub-Saharan Africa. These men and women face constant difficulty because of war and persecution which surround them. Firstly, we want to support them with prayer, offering our intentions for their needs, especially during our time training. We also want to support them in alleviating hunger by using the monetary gifts to supply them with food and health assistance, especially the patients who have contracted the Covid-19 virus. This also helps to preserve the Christian faith amidst persecution.

Although the Roman Runners have had to leave their seminary in Rome and return to the USA to complete their studies, the displacement of the men and women from their homes in Sub-Saharan Africa because of violence shows the greater need for this fundraiser. These seminarians, deacons, and priests will collectively run the same distance as past years’ Roman Runs, but in their own US states. Although the current outbreak of the coronavirus has prevented normality of daily life and cancelled many events, the Roman Runner team did not want that to happen to this annual fundraiser. Please don’t let those in need go without food, water, and health assistance, especially Covid-19 patients, in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Palabras de consuelo y esperanza

“Esta breve nota es para hacerles saber que nosotros, los monjes de Sri Lanka, rezamos por el mundo entero todos los días de 7:30 pm a 8:30 pm ante el Santísimo Sacramento. Y mientras rezamos por el mundo entero, no nos hemos olvidado de usted en ACN; usted y sus seres queridos también son recordados de manera especial. Rezamos para que el Buen Señor los proteja a ustedes, sus seres queridos, de esta pandemia, ya que creemos en un Dios que es bueno”.