Prayer to our Donors

Prayer to our donors from the
Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil – Bashar Warda, CSSR

Our Lord and Our Father

In Your name, we pray and raise to You,

Your world in this prayer.

We hold firm to Your sacrifice.

O Lord, we hunger to receive You in the Eucharist.

We know that You are the true living bread.

 The gift of Your grace in loving thy neighbor:

Uniting us in love together,

In these uncertain and desperate days.

You are our one Father,


Who loves, comforts and takes care of us.

Suffering with each and every one of us,

In our fears, doubts, brokenness and mourning.

yet, we are firm in that You will never abandon us.

Your infinite love gives us strength,

And guides us through the light of the Holy Spirt.


In You we trust.

We know You count every hair,

With Your love, Your mercy, Your comfort

We know we are never alone in our adversity,

In the past, and through this uncertain time,

As You share our pain and fear.


We see Your signs of opportunity,

Of unity to love.

One global family,

Of care for each other,

To love thy neighbor.


May all see what You see.

May all wish, what You wish.

May all come to You.

May all see Your Truth.


Your love warms our hearts in the Virgin Mary,

Ignited and united in global prayer,

For the poor, the fragile, the weak, the sickly, the worried,

The parted and those whom mourn them.


Lord, bring us together in fervent and incessant prayer,

Lead us down unknown paths,

That we must take to help others.


You are our true light, in this darkness,

The guiding force for all who work,

To alleviate this suffering of the world.

We will never cease to pray to You,

Never despairing of Your mercy and love.

In You we are always One:

One family, united in adoration, and praise of You.



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